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About Us

About Us

Easy Plumbing was founded in early 2010 to help residential consumers with all their plumbing needs from a company whose reliable, affordable and friendly. We understand that in our industry there are a lot of companies that charge an arm and a leg to fix a quick 5 minute problem. We strive to differ from the competition. We guarantee all our work is done in a professional manner and offer competitive pricing for all our services.

Easy Plumbing can help you with all your plumbing needs in Toronto.

Coming from a commercial background our techs have seen it all. Thats why with a residential calls no job is too complex. Our training and experience of building schools and community centres makes call for your home a walk in the park. This allows us to complete our work fast and at a more affordable rate.

All our plumbers are fully licensed and insured. We also make sure that everyone is up to date with the latest in plumbing technology and tactics. This information we can get from trade shows which allows us to stay on the cutting edge.

Customer service is our core principle at Easy Plumbing. We want to make sure that whatever is done that you are truly satisfied with our work. No matter what customer service is our number one priority. It’s important for us to provide expert workmanship and service that can’t be beat.

We found that making this our number one priority has had our customer refer us like crazy. We are happy that they had a great experience. They show their love by recommending us to others. It’s not only about doing a good job. That’s obvious and should be done regardless. We try to go beyond and always consult you if we are going to do something like break the drywall or moving something. It’s important that the job gets done properly without causing property damage.

Some of the worst experiences people have is when a plumber walks around their house with their big boots on. Calling Easy Plumbing insures that we will respect your home and treat it like it’s our own.

We cover all types of residential plumbing services:

Drain Cleaning/Unclogging
Drains are clogged for various reasons and in most cases its something going down there that shouldn’t. Take a look at our video where we tell you common things that people put down the drain that they shouldn’t. Link to the video is here. You can also take a look at another article that talks about drain cleaning in Toronto.

Water Heaters
If you get up in the morning to ice cold water its probably because of your water heater. Sometimes the pilot light is out and it needs to be re lit. In such cases the lighting instructions will be on your water tank. These days though most tanks have an electric ignition system. In this case if you water heater is not working it will give you a sequence of lights to tell you what the problem is. You can see what the sequence means by looking up the model of your water tank online. From there you can determine if it can be fixed by you or to call a plumber.

Toilet Repair
This is one of the most common calls we get. In most cases its better to replace the toilet than repair it. That is if there is a crack on it or something. However if you have problem where the toilet keeps flushing we can change a few parts in the tank to fix that. If your toilet is clogged try using a plunger if you want. If you still find the problem persists than its best to call a plumber.

We do so much more so give us a call or check out our services page to learn more.